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Stratovarius - Why Are We Here?

When the stars are gone forever and planets are turned into dust
It's a good escape to lie in the haze
In the past I found the answer in music and drinking and lust
Waiting for the end and counting the days

But I want to find an answer, so what if my terror dies
And I want to find an answer, I look in your eyes

Why are we here?
Maybe you hold the answer
Why are we here?
Maybe you hold the answer

When the sky is dark and winter has hidden the city in snow
I remember summer's not far away
And it seems the days are shorter and hours are passing so slow
It's a nice escape to roll in the hay

But I want to find an answer, so what if my terror dies
And I want to find an answer, I look in your eyes

Why are we here?
Maybe you hold the answer
Why are we here?
Maybe you hold the answer
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Stratovarius - Hunting Hight And Low

I feel the wind in my hair,
and it's whispering, telling me things,
of the storm that is gathering near
full of power I'm spreading my wings

Now I'm leaving my worries behind
Feel the freedom of body and mind
I have started my journey, I'm drifting away with the wind
I go

I am Hunting High and Low
diving from the sky above
looking for, more and more, once again
Iґm Hunting High and Low
Sometimes I may win sometimes I'll lose
It's just a game that I play

After the storm thereґs a calm
through the clouds shines a ray of the sun
I am carried from all of my harm
there is no-one that I can't outrun
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Stratovarius - Mother Gaia

Time waits for no one
So they say
It goes on forever

The tears of pain
I see in your eyes
How can we change for the better?

Hate and greed`s getting stronger day by day
Injustice rules the world
Killing the lungs of the Earth
How far are we prepared to go?

I have seen the Light
It came into my life
Thereґs no second chance
We should have learned by now
But itґs not too late to change the course
Thereґs so much more than this, oh Mother Gaia
Can you see, can you feel all the beauty that we have in this world?
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Stratovarius - Phoenix

I am facing the truth
I got to change the way I live
Canґt go on this way
The price is too high to pay

After the rain I feel the sun
See how I run to my destiny
Life is a game
I got to learn how to play
I make my own rules
ґcause now I am free to choose
Courage and faith will show me the way
Se how I run to my destiny

Like the Phoenix I rise
From the ashes of life
I donґt need fortune or fame
Just some peace of mind

Like the Phoenix I fly
leaving the lies behind
Futureґs golden for me
There is no one who can stop me now

Iґm noble and strong
Iґm walking down the road that I choose
Each day is a gift
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Stratovarius - Glory Of The World

The sun is setting on the pain
the people freezing in the rain
the Earth is rolling in her grave

I beg the light up in the sky
to make me whole, to tell me why
I can't be bothered to be brave

and I've been waiting, and hesitating,
and then I see the curtain fall:
the wonder of it all

my heart was blind, but now I see
I know the power and the glory of the world
I took a breath and now I'm free
I feel the glory of the world

the demons sometimes find a way
there's nothing keeping them at bay
but for the power of my mind

the road to paradise is long
and halfway there, I'm heading wrong
I'm leaving all the pain behind

the wonder of it all
my heart was blind, but now I see

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Stratovarius - A Million Light Years Away

I don't know what to do
I don't know who you are
Iґm calling from the silence
We have gone too far

I try to understand you, your life has been so cruel
Please try to see it my way
Iґve got something to say

All those years
Were not in vain
Even though there was much pain
I try to learn from my mistakes
I want to make it up to you

A Million Light Years away from you
I am
A Million Light Years away from you

I hope that youґd respect my
Honesty and faith
And maybe youґd forgive me
If I could make you see
I want to say Iґm sorry
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Stratovarius - Celestial Dream

Here in the Universe
I find some things that are so hard to understand
The vastness of space just takes my breath away
I see through history
The years they come and go
The seconds that will shape my destiny
The time that we spend here
Is precious, that I see so clear

What is our place in here?
What is the meaning of the pain we feel?
Where did all this come from?
The galaxies, the moon the stars, oh
I donґt know
I really want to know what is the meaning of evolution
They say that we are the crown of all creation

So letґs break free from these chains
Of fear, hate and greed
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